Creating inspirational communities through effective collaboration.

Community + Design + Advocacy

Every member of a community is affected by the environment that has been created there. As members of a community, we each have a share in building a place that is pleasant and welcoming, where people enjoy living, working, and participating.
As an experienced attorney who has worked with businesses, government regulation, and municipal commissions, I have participated in over 1,000 cases of architectural and design review - where I have gained practical experience of ways to help make a community environment we can be proud to call home. I’ve gathered my insights (along with a variety of other materials on the topics of community, design, and advocacy) on this site, with the goal to help you improve your community through participative architectural design review.


– John R Hedrick

I continue to work at the state, regional, and local levels as a founder and leader of non-profit organizations, and as a consultant to community leaders.

Organizations which I have founded include:

John R Hedrick

An attorney and consultant with a broad background in government and business regulation, John currently focuses on community development and urban design issues. For over twenty five years, he has represented corporations, nonprofits and local governments at the national, state and local levels.