“…For now we see through a glass, darkly;…” Corinthians

This biblical phrase could also describe the challenging issues for regulating storefront window signage.  Few community appearance concerns reflect as much as SIGNage on the image of local shopping districts — and yet can cause such negative reactions with area businesses.

Many upscale communities have traditionally controlled window signage through percentage limitations and specific restrictions.  But few towns had been willing to enforce any restrictions on local business during the desperate economic conditions of the past several years.

Restrictions on window displays have been rationalized and supported on many different bases including:  merchant safety, advertising effectiveness, customer appeal and overall shopping district attractiveness.  And any attempts at regulation or enforcement should be pro-actively coordinated with local merchants.

Through outreach and education,  overall sign control can be proven to be good for local business.  Do you think it’s about time to reassess your community’s approach to window signs and displays?