“Nothing Soothes the Soul Like a Cruise in the Mustang”  Pinterest


Many around town know me as owner of this Mustang convertible.  And after remarking about  “what year“ (1966),  people often ask about the SCENIC antique plate.

The short answer is years ago I founded the state environmental organization “Scenic Illinois”– so I liked the combination with the ILLINOIS license plate!

SCENIC ILLINOIS’s earliest accomplishments  were supporting national and state Scenic Byways programs.    The basic idea was to conserve special areas which had a unique natural or historic character.  In Illinois these “byways” now range from historic Route 66 to downstate rural roads.

I was first introduced to this study of “aesthetics” by a favorite Carmel High School teacher and inspirational lawyer, Guy Leekley.  He captured my attention by talking about unique car designs as an example.  

The enduring overall point — and the continuing focus of Scenic America/Illinois — is the value of Beauty to inspire people and preserve things that are worth caring for.  And that’s the real purpose of these Blog posts.

But back to the SCENIC-Mustang for now.  The early Ford Mustang convertible was known as a marketing and cultural icon.  Memorialized by 60’s TV shows, convertibles were the way to cruise the country and see the scenery. The first Mustang model was  celebrated as a symbol of change, youth and style.  

Yet few know my Mustang started in 1979 as a hands-on restoration of a $300 rusted wreck. That’s my point:  great design motivates care and preservation!

I’m still hanging on to it because everyone has a Mustang story that’s fun to share and compare.  I look forward to hearing yours.