New Ideas on Main Street

New Ideas on Main Street

main streetLa Grange, like many communities, was faced with tenanting a former Borders/corporate building on a prominent corner – facing both La Grange Road (Mannheim) and the BNSF railroad.  Since it was difficult to find one retailer for such a large two story space, the building was divided into several units with separate tenants for the first and second floors.

Each tenant was seeking wall signage as proposed in the above image, but some towns do not permit wall signs above the first floor.   This case highlighted many interesting issues relating to suburban downtown redevelopment, adaptive reuse of buildings, and conservation of traditional walkable Mainstreets.

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  1. John Hedrick 5 years ago

    This post was condensed from a discussion on the Linked-In MDRN group, which generated further examples of the issues.

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